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Hallmark offers Vista Window Company products.  Locally manufactured in Warren, Oh.  Founded in April 2001 by a group of industry veterans, Vista Window Company was determined to impose a new set of principles on the window business. A combination of common sense, depth of experience, operational excellence and a genuine desire to do right by every customer is what drove their beginnings. Since then, Vista has grown into one of the largest window manufacturing companies by their small company approach to sales and service. 

Hallmark offers the full line of Vinyl Kraft Windows. Locally manufactured in New Boston, Oh. Vinyl Kraft got their start in the 1960's as an aluminum window company. Since that time they have transitioned into the vinyl window business and has been a staple in the industry for over 50 years.

Hallmark offers Home Guard Industries as our Entry Door and Storm Door Company.  Manufactured in Grabill, In.  These are NOT the entry doors you will find in the "Big Box Store". With a R-15 rating, adjustable threshold, adjustable hinges, security plate built into the jamb, ball bearing hinges and metal wrapped edges, they will last a lifetime.  Home Guard also manufactures a welded aluminum storm door, painted to the same color as your entry door. 

Hallmark is proud to be an Energy Star Partner and offer the highest performing products that meet the standards for Energy Star.

We use a soft-coat, double-low-e glass to provide the most thermally efficient glass packages today.  With double low-e you have glass that not only keeps the heat in your home in the winter, but also keeps the heat and the sun's powerful rays out in the summer too.  It works year-around.  This low-e is available in double-pane unit with heavier than air 'argon' gas between the panes which makes it twice as effective as standard insulating glass. 

For the ultimate protection, look at our triple-pane glass. With two air spaces filled with Argon gas combined with the Low-E you get three times the effectiveness of standard insulating glass.

We start with the most efficient spacer system for our High Performance glass. Super Spacer is recognized as the best glass spacer system on the market today.  Only this spacer gives you the warmest glass edge possible.  It too is the best spacer for retaining argon gas.  This revolutionary non-metal spacer is produced with two seals PLUS a vapor barrier.  Unlike all other insulated glass units that are made with a single seal, ours has three.  We know with three seals, we will hold the argon gas in. We can't say that about other systems. Super Spacer is the only spacer system we sell- because it's the best!

Super Spacer is also the best spacer for minimizing, if not eliminating, the chance for condensation. Moisture not only can damage your home's walls but also provides a source and a place for dangerous bacteria and mold to grow.  that is why windows made with Super Spacer are called "Health Smart" windows - because they really are!

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