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Preparing & FAQ

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Clear The Way!

The first thing you need to do is remove everything that’s around the windows so that the installers have access. This includes furniture, plants, area rugs, and other items located in the work area near the project and along paths leading to the project. If we will be cutting out your windows, remember to remove wall mounted shelves, and hanging pictures. You’ll also need to remove things on the exterior of your home.  Your window replacement contractor may need to use equipment, such as ladders, scaffolding or lift mechanisms, to access the upstairs windows of your home, especially if you have two or more stories.

Provide plenty of space for the installers to set up their equipment. Don’t forget to remove patio and lawn furniture, plants, garbage cans, toys and anything else that might be in the way of the project.

Curtains and Blinds

In addition to clearing the floor area inside, you’ll need to remove window treatments, such as curtains, sheers, and blinds.

At the minimum, you should also remove wall decorations that are near the project. The best approach may be to remove all wall decorations in the room, which minimizes the chance of damage from wall vibrations. Make sure that you have a safe place to store these items to keep them from getting dirty or damaged.

What to Cover?

The installers will put down drop cloths and do their best to minimize any mess. If you don’t see any protective coverings, it’s all right to ask. The job can be dusty work, especially if they have been in place for several years.

Alarm Systems

Deactivate any alarm systems that may connect to your current windows or doors. You may want to arrange to have a professional from your home security company disconnect the alarms and then reconnect them after your new windows are installed.

Children & Pets

Keep your children and pets away from the work area. For the safety of the crew and your loved ones, restrict access to the work area for the duration of the installation. If you need access to something while work is going on, arrange some time with the crew to stop work and let you get what you need done and be on your way.

On Installation Day

With the prep work done, the crew can get started. Once they arrive at your home, you’ll need to show them where they can park and set up their equipment. While the crew unloads the truck and gets set up, you can ask the crew lead to walk through the entire project with you. Together, you can walk through the job to ensure everyone knows the correct locations, sizes and configurations.  The crews will need plenty of access to electrical outlets to keep their power tools charged.

Special Requirements?

If something’s wrong, don’t panic. The installer will contact us and work towards a plan to resolve the issue. Now’s the time to get things cleared up and communicate any special instructions you have for the project. You may want to save your old windows, or just have the crew use a certain door to get in and out of the house. Point out any landscaping, or other things inside or outside your home, that must be protected during installation.

Do I Stay?

After everything is communicated and the crew begins work, you are free to leave. You don’t have to be present for the entire window replacement project. Let the crew lead know of your plans before you go and exchange phone numbers in case anything comes up during the installation process. You can coordinate a time for the final walkthrough based on the best estimate for completion of the project or check in on the progress while you’re away to schedule a more accurate time.

When Do I Pay?

When the job is complete, payment is due. An email will be sent with your balance prior to install. The options for payment are: Cash or Check payment to the installer, or you can pay by Credit Card through a link in the invoice.  If you chose to take advantage of our financing options, you will receive an email from your lender to sign that the work has been completed. If any questions about balance or payment options arise, please contact the office prior to installation.